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DiversiScan™: Scanning the Environment for Diversity-Related Issues and Opportunities

A tool for Leaders, Diversity Champions, Change Agents, and Human Resources Professionals.

Increase leadership's ability to scan the environment to identify challenges, needs and opportunities that are critical to your company's success in a diverse world.
Utilize a learning and assessment tool that sharpens your diversity vision and ability to recognize diversity-related indicators within the typical organization.
Share perspectives and initiate realistic dialogue about your corporate landscape relative to diversity.
Begin to build strategy for proactively addressing diversity-related challenges and opportunities.
I think it [DiversiScan™] is a fabulous tool, elegantly simple, and I mean that in the best sense. I once heard Hersey (Hersey and Blanchard) say that if a model is not simpler than reality, it is of no use. I would say the same for any tool / method such as your assessment. It gives people a way to get their arms around a very complex issue in a real, practical way that helps them prioritize and figure out where to begin their change efforts.
Anita Rowe, Ph.D.
Author of Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference and Planning Guide
and Co-Founder of Gardenswartz & Rowe
Diversity Competencies Assessment™

There are many distinct skills and areas of expertise that contribute to diversity competency - your ability to value and leverage diversity. This 65-item Assessment Instrument will allow you to consider your level of competency in seven skill areas.

The Diversity Competencies Assessment™ serves as:

A self-assessment to determine strengths and areas on which to focus more attention
An action plan for on-going learning and practice
A general framework for learning about diversity-related skills, behaviors and competencies

This self-scoring instrument can be implemented with leaders and employees at all levels as a stand-alone intervention with individuals or groups; a skills-based module in your existing diversity education efforts; or as a framework for subsequent skill-building training.

As a diversity and inclusion facilitator, I love to use this Competency Assessment. It is easy to use, gives participants great insights and lets them develop a plan to be more inclusive – whether as an individual contributor or leader.
Bill Hertan
President, TRI Partners, Inc.
Diversity Leadership 360°™

Diversity Leadership 360°™ is an assessment tool that measures the key behaviors that each leader in your organization needs to possess and exercise for diversity to be successfully valued and managed. This instrument is effective for organizations that continually improve and that hold leaders accountable for inclusion.

Diversity Leadership 360°™ offers:

Measurement of key diversity behaviors and skills
Customizable immediate feedback ratings and comments
Confidential results
Use of web and other media for efficient data collection

This is a powerful 360° tool for reviewing strengths and identifying development needs of key individuals.

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